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Cleaning Heat Exchangers

Clean-in-place plate heat exchangers
Star Fluids offers you the PLATE HEAT EXCHANGERS CLEANING service without the need for disassembly, that is, on site. The operations are carried out by highly qualified personnel and, among others, you will find the following advantages:
  • Minimum stop time
  • Cleaning solutions tailored to the product that causes fouling
  • Increased exchanger performance with consequent energy savings in heat transmission and pumping costs
  • Savings in spare parts by not having to open the exchangers for cleaning
The process consists of removing all fouling, deposits, encrustations and/or compounds that alter the proper functioning of equipment in closed circuits by circulating a cleaning fluid . It is an industrial maintenance procedure that is carried out with temperature control and a set speed, through the equipment, the line or the surface to be cleaned. Chemical cleaning by recirculation is a specialized task, which must be carried out under professional advice, as irreparable damage can be caused to the system with the use of unsuitable chemical products. The first task is to visually inspect the system to determine the materials of construction and to determine the degree of fouling qualitatively and quantitatively (fat or oil fouling deposits or just corrosion product deposits). No single method can be used for all cleaning tasks. In the same way that different soaps and detergents are required for different tasks in the home (washing clothes, washing dishes, polishing pots, cleaning the bathtub), different methods are also required to solve different cleaning problems in industry. Important factors in selecting a cleaning method are:
1) contaminants and scale to be removed,
2) the degree of cleanliness required,
3) the substrate materials to be cleaned,
4) the purpose of the cleanup,
5) environmental and safety factors,
6) production and cost requirements. Various types of contaminants and scale and scale accumulate on the plate surfaces, either due to a previous process or due to recirculation scale formation.

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